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Ready CashConsumer CreditGhoroaWindows for SMEs

The importance of Information Technology and the role it can play in the socio-economic development of a nation cannot be over emphasized. The world has witnessed a phenomenal growth in IT over the last two decades, and the countries, which made a conscious decision to take advantage of such growth, have made unprecedented progress. To day we are living in the Internet world. To hasten the growth of information Technology and to attract young energetic IT professional Janata Bank Limited has launched a credit scheme titled “Financing Computer Software Development & Data Export”. The maximum loan amount  is Tk. 10 million, with debt to equity ratio being 80 : 20. The rate of interest is 11%. But anybody with export market exposure can get the benefit at 7% interest rate plus 1% service charge. The main feature of this scheme is to set up industrial based IT projects for development of software for data export and that too on a very soft term. Janata Bank Limited has issued detailed guidelines for facilitating IT entrepreneurs. 

Computer Software Development and data export is a specialized job and requires skill, knack & innovative traits of an individual.

What the promoters want to do with the loan? 

If we can know the interests of the sponsors, their technopreneurial abilities and IT related expertise we may really help the potential clients in developing their enterprises through positive support.

The loanee (sponsors) should have a degree in Computer Science / or related subjects like Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Applied Physics, etc or proven record of managing IT companies.

Computer literate and sponsors having a Diploma in Computer, young energetic and qualified sponsors whom the Bank consider fit to take loan.

The sponsors should form a limited company.


Sponsors/companies having prior experiences in the related field will be given priority.

Loan Limit & Debt-Equity Ratio:

This scheme provides maximum of TK.10 million (around US$ 1,44,000). For a loan up to TK.5 million (around US$ 72,000) debt-equity ratio will be 80: 20 and over TK.5 million (US$ 72,000) the ratio will be 70:30. 

Rate of Interest : For detail Rate of Interest on loans and advances, Please Click Here

Repayment Mode & Period:

5(Five) years including 6-12 months grace period (Including construction period). Repayment of half yearly installment with interest compounding for term loan. Repayment period for working capital loan and export cash credit is 1(one) year. Interest During Construction Period (IDCP) will be repayable in 3 (three) yearly installments. 

Rebate on Interest:

In case of regular repayment, the sponsor company will be given 5% rebate on total interest charged. 


No collateral security is required. If any loanee willingly shows interest to provide collateral security, they will be given priority. 

Sanctioning Authority:

Janata Bank Limited, Head Office, Dhaka. 

Submission of Loan Application:

Loan application has to be submitted through any one of Janata Bank Limited's 118 designated branches using prescribed format available in those branches. 

Besides, sponsors willing to apply loan above TK.10 million ( around US$ 1,44,000) may apply to our normal window instead of the existing scheme. 

For further information, please contact:

Deputy General Manager
S.M.E. Division
Janata Bank Limited, Head Office,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Phone- (88 02) 956 8810, 716 9011
Fax-(88 02)-956 4644 
E-Mail: sme@janatabank-bd.com

Ready CashConsumer CreditGhoroaWindows for SMEs

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