Janata Bank Limited has entered into an agreement with American International Investment (AII) to provide financial plastic card services to Janata Bank Limited's clients. This product is a "Debit Card" called the Ready Cash.

Currently, the Ready Cash system is operating in Dhaka and will soon be expanded to other urban areas of Bangladesh. 

Cardholders primary benefits are Safety, Shopping at a wide merchant network, Payment of Utility Bills, flexible saving plan and the convenience of not having to carry cash.

As the only micro-processor chip based debit card available in Bangladesh for financial payment, the Ready Cash card is very reliable and secure.

It combines the most desirable aspects of the credit card, together with the advantages of the Debit or ATM card. 

It is the first step that most Bangladeshi citizens will take on the path to a cashless economy.

Ready Cash is a debit card as it allows the cardholder to spend no more money than he/she has in his/her Bank account unless a credit line has been extended. 

It increases the consumption base and allows the cardholder to establish a credit history. 

For these and many other reasons, the Ready Cash card is the fastest growing system in Bangladesh.

For further information visit the website at http://www.readycash.com.

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